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At Second Date Social, we build confidence and trust within our membership, offering a fully vetted environment including a verification process for all prospective members.

Unlike online dating services and dating apps (where everyone is approved to join), Second Date Social’s exclusive membership process ensures members are vetted and accountable.

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Second Date Social - Explore our curated virtual group events for single

Explore Virtual Events in your City (or Nationwide)

Second Date Social offers weekly virtual events that are varied by age, interest, location, and more. As a member, you will have access to it all!

Introverts can be at ease, while extroverts can flourish. Second Date Social offers events that range from social events to speed dating, game events to group classes. Meet someone special. Learn something new. Be yourself and have fun.

And if you’re looking to meet somebody in your area or in another city, Second Date Social offers you access to singles across the United States. Our limits are boundless!

Get to know our Virtual Social Space

Second Date Social’s virtual social space is more like attending a party or a social event rather than an awkward one-on-one "chance-based" video dating app. Our goal is to make it comfortable and easy for you to meet other singles in an interactive and fun group setting.

When you attend one of our events, you are immersed in a lounge-like atmosphere where you can move around the room and socialize with other singles in real-time through our live video platform.

Each event has an Event Host to welcome you and facilitate your experience. Meet someone you like or make a new friend? Your host will help make that connection after the event.

Second Date Social - Connect with Singles

Connect with other Singles

With our unique video-based setting, you won’t be scanning a dating profile or swiping through photos of other singles. You’ll get to hear someone else’s laugh, see their smile, and experience the essence of their overall personality. All the things that make up chemistry.

Second Date Social is truly the next best thing to meeting someone in person.

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