What To Do – Or Not Do – on a Second Date

Get outdoors! Exploring and seeing new things together is a great bonding experience.

First date success. You’ve made a good first impression and gotten the green light for the encore; your second date. Congrats! Many people get fixated on planning the perfect first date, but as the second-date experts, we know it’s the second date that’s truly crucial. So where do you start and what should you do? Don’t stress! We’ve gathered some ideas that will help you bring your A-game and lock down the third and fourth dates.

Sporty Second Date Ideas

Couples who sweat together, stay together! If you’re both sports-minded and enjoy working out, we have your bases covered with these ideas:

  • Get outdoors! Go for a bike ride on a trail, hike or jog at a park, go ice skating, take a paddle boarding class, or even run a race together.
  • Take a yoga class together, go zip lining, jump around at a trampoline park, or go salsa dancing.
  • Hit some golf balls at a driving range, or forego an activity and go see a game – baseball, soccer, or hockey, you can’t go wrong!

Artsy Second Date Ideas

Your second date is still an opportunity to make a great impression. Why not show off your creative side?! You could paint pottery together, go to a paint night, attend a glass blowing class, create a scavenger hunt, or check out a gallery or museum.

Classic Second Date Ideas

Make a meal together with a cooking class, attend a wine tasting or craft brewery tour, experience a festival, take a road trip to a nearby restaurant, or head to the beach or plan a picnic. With each of these classic second dates, you are demonstrating that adventure awaits you and your potential match!

Special Mention: What NOT To Do On A Second Date

We would be remiss if we did not mention some definite don’ts for a second date as well:

  • You’re still trying to learn more about your date so ditch the boring “dinner and a movie.” It defeats the purpose. Save a movie date for the fourth or fifth outing!
  • Definitely don’t do the same thing you did on your first date, or even worse, don’t plan a second date doing something out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t allow your personality to shine through.
  • And most importantly, don’t be cheap. You should always offer to pay.

Good luck on your second date! And remember:  the goal is to make it a fun and memorable second date, not another dating horror story to be added to the ‘I’m never dating again’ list.

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